Whether it's a newspaper, magazine or brochure, ensure the design, content and quality reflects who you are in an innovative way so you can stand out in a crowded marketplace. With access to some of the best printers, designers, writers, editors, illustrators and photographers, Hannah will efficiently manage your project within budget.

Clients include: Carrier, The Paper; Luxury London Mandarin


Make sure your message is clear, concise and relevant. In an era where people are overwhelmed by information from busy blogs and social media, it's never been more important to provide accurate and well-written content.

Clients include: Flow - the Deutsche Bank publication, Wardour Communications; Event Concept; Brand Family 


From chatting with celebrities to investigating the best hotels in Istanbul, Hannah is available for freelance writing opportunities across a plethora of subjects, including: interiors, fashion, art, culture and luxury lifestyle.

Clients include: Holland Cooper, Show Media; Luxury London; Event Concept.

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If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by Instagram or Facebook, Hannah can take the lead on posting new content and engaging new followers. Link this with succinct website copy or a blog for maximum impact.

Clients include: Santiago Casas, KTW London; Event Concept. 


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